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Look around, get to know us and perhaps even join us on the dance floor. There is nothing quite like salsa! 

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The music comes first…

Nobody chooses to be passionate, it is something that grows within you. It happens over time, you invest in doing what you really like regardless of what others say.

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Dance Classes

For us, we want to provide you with an experience, everything from Hip Hop, A|R Fusion, Pachanga, Classical dance techniques all combined to help you get the most out of dance. Whether you’re starting out as a beginner, or you are looking to sharpen your dance skills. Check out our different classes. 


Absolute Beginners

Before doing all of the crazy stuff, we like to help you connect with your body, learning how to transfer your body weight.


Advanced Beginners

A touch of crazy! We start teaching you the first part of the Mambo syllabus.



The more you learn, the more you can have fun. This is a great class to build on all the fundamentals and start introducing some more complexity.



This is the class you take if you want to feel like a beginner again! It’s really about challenging yourself.


Ladies Styling

Express yourself in different ways, learn to connect to the woman in you. Sometimes, it’s sexy, happy, powerful, aggressive, sad.


Master Classes

These are specific classes, we focus on one dance type, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, Fusion, Pachanga, Ladies Styling etc…



Shit! We don’t like this one. But we get it, and for us, it’s a great way to make the most of connecting with you wherever you are.



Private classes will speed up the learning process. It’s personalised, we train and focus on your weaknesses. Your unique difficulties and we address them specifically.