Private classes will speed up the learning process. It’s personalised, we train and focus on your weaknesses to help you be the best dancer you can be. 


$ 120 Hour*

Private Lesson

$ 170 Hour*

Private Less

$ 120 Hour*

*Bring a friend and pay only $50 extra. Send an email to [email protected] to arrange a date and time for your private.



About our privates

These programs aim to help you focus on key areas in your dancing whilst making noticeable improvements such as social dancing (presence & confidence), leading, technique, timing, styling, body awareness.


We also coach choreographies through private lessons.

The best way to improve your dancing is by doing it. So in our first session I am going to guide you through how we can make that happen!


For the first 30 minutes we will go through your dancing background and discuss your goals.  During the remaining 60 minutes we will dance and I’ll pay close attention to your style, musicality, body movement, technique and timing.


At the end of our first session, I’ll send over a detailed program that will help put you on the path to grow as a salsero.